N’RTH  //  indie pop rnb musician


Vancity // Okanagan, Canada


He has trained for this moment relentlessly. With knock out vocals floating ethereally over heavy hitting beats and hip moving rhythms, the electro rock and rnb sounds of N'RTH are easy to recognize but impossible to predict or define. When he steps into the ring, he brings a vision crafted over a decade of musical innovation and exploration.

N'RTH will not be pinholed into any genre or category because he draws on expansive musical influences and life experiences. From the guitar driven blues of small town bars, to the hip hop and trap sounds of inner city art galleries, and the pulsing dance beats of wild festivals, diverse creativity echoes throughout. Despite the diversity though, this is solely the project of one person. All the writing, production, performing, graphic design, marketing and promoting is managed by the lone member of N'RTH.

His story is intriguing. He grew up on a farm in a world of hippies and bikers. He moved to the city at 17, where he bought a guitar and taught himself music. He was an honours student at University before dropping out to work up north in the wild. He's fought convicts in the bush, been lost in big cities, crashed in cars, wrestled animals, and lived with the oddest people. 

So why should you listen to N'RTH? Because you'll that his intriguing story makes for very irresistible music. Enter the ring.

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N'RTH -- Official Home of Indie Electro RnB Producer N'RTH aka nrth.sound aka nrthsound -- Innovative electronic music with a smooth blend of indie pop, rnb and rock -- Debut album Kalamalka now available