AKA $elfimployd

pronounce N-R-T-H-sound (and) selfimployed

* listeners discretion advised, themes and language may not be suitable for all ages *


Producing, singing and rapping. Brother to FINN THE MOUNTAIN DOG, partner to WOODACRAFT and co-founder at FULL CIRCLE FURNITURE, based around Vancouver, BC, and New Taipei, Taiwan.

Find nrthsound and $elfimployd on INSTAGRAM, TIK TOK and YOUTUBE  as @nrthsound

Stefen releases music under the monikers of nrthsound and $elfimployd. Nrthsound is for unique pop songs and movie soundtracks, and $elfimployd is for hip hop and r&b. In the past, Stefen released music under N'RTH. Both N'RTH albums can be found on Spotify and feature singles that made airplay on North American radio. 

All Stefen's music can be found on the  MUSIC  page of this website, and all videos can be found on the  VIDEOS  page. To watch or listen to past interviews, check out the MEDIA page.

To inquire about a custom song for your film or TV show, go to the  FOR FILM / TV page of this website.

Besides working on music, Stefen also works with Mills Pictures Studios  helping to shoot microbudget films, creating film soundtracks and acting. He also runs a vintage and midcentury furniture sales and refurbishing business with his partner Freda, called Full Circle Furniture. This company also provides set design and set decking for films and TV series shot in Vancouver.