& $elfimploy

say it like N-R-T-H-sound & selfimploy


Producing, singing and rapping, based around Vancouver, Canada, and New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Find nrthsound and $elfimployd on INSTAGRAM @nrthsound and YOUTUBE  as nrthsound

nrthsound is a lo-fi and low budget music project, making very good music - indie pop, rnb, hi-hop - and music videos, with the fewest resources. This includes custom made music for TV and film.

Do you want custom music for your film, show or podcast?  go to the  FOR FILM / TV page of this website.

$elfimploy is a new project between producer, singer, rapper nrthsound, and his long time collaborator, freestyle and battlerap veteran Fibz. This project will also include collaboration with fellow Vancouver producers Audiodrugz and Avi Singh, and with other global musicians.

All nrthsound music is available ROYALTY FREE for film and TV. 

For inquiries, including existing or custom music, go to the  FOR FILM / TV page of this website. 

Music can be found on the  MUSIC  page of this website, and videos can be found on the  VIDEOS  page. To watch or listen to past interviews, check out the MEDIA page.


Stefen has been creating his own unique music for over a decade, never giving a *@#! about what other people want him to sound like. He never sold out, he never got big, but he never went home. Originally from a farm in rural BC, in Western Canada, he bought a guitar when he was 17 and learned by playing blues and rock music in bars. Later he bought a laptop and taught himself to produce.

Besides working on music, Stefen works with Mills Pictures Studios  shooting microbudget films. He and his partner Freda also run a vintage and midcentury furniture sales and refurbishing business, with FINN THE MOUNTAIN DOG, called Full Circle Furniture.