Stefen and Freda have collections of NFT pieces set to be released on different NFT markets, under the name SavageRiverX, as well as collaborative works with nrthsound

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SavageRiverX stems from the cracked earth of an imagined recreation of the space where nature, time, tech, growth and our existential selves collide in this confusing and often contradictory world. What remains on this planet? Especially at a time when some seek to flee for refuge on other seemingly un-inhabitable planets, while others seek to create new worlds in metaverse realities that inconveniently hinge on the survival of our own earth to exist.

SavageRiverX NFTs begin as paintings, carefully made on wood, canvas, or digital screen by Freda - then digitized and animated by Stefen, who then adds music or soundscapes.

Balance plays an important concept in SavageRiverX - how do you balance the realities of a cold industrial upbringing with the pursuit of personal ambitions in art and music? How do indulge in self-empowerment when your parents work hard labour? How do we balance environmental sustainability when our growth seems to require environmental destruction at every stage? How do we balance work and leisure when our work demands every hand and every minute on the clock? Where do we stand, and fall, in this balancing act, and what remains?

This project does not seek to change the world or mark its place in the world, it only seeks to ask the question, what remains of this world and whether we are our creations are even relevant.